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Art History


We are a self-led group that chooses a different theme or artist as the topic each month. Using DVD’s, books, online content and discussion, we explore the life and works of a variety of artists from across the world. The group is suitable for anyone with an interest in finding out more about paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture.

Where and when

We meet at 10am on the first Monday of the month in the Ashley room at the Congregational Church.

Other information

There is a small charge for room hire.

Contact details

Angela Deane 01858 431111   email:


Art History – May report & July’s meeting

In May, group members selected paintings on the theme on Trees, Forests and Woods and each gave a short presentation on their choice.  We viewed 11 works in all and this proved a popular way of learning about a variety of artists and styles of painting. The picture shown is ‘Forest’ by Paul Cezanne, painted … Read more

Art History

At our May meeting we look at a variety of paintings of trees, all chosen by members of the group.  I will write more next time but I have included one of my favourites – Orchard with Flowering Trees by Camille Pissarro.  Painted in 1877, it is on show at the Ashmolean Gallery in Oxford, … Read more

Art History – April 2022

Our next meeting is on 2nd May when we will look at a variety of paintings on the theme of ‘Trees, Woods and Forests’.  Trees have inspired artists for centuries and I look forward to an interesting selection chosen by members of the group. Angela Deane. Olive Trees – Vincent van Gogh

Art History – March 2022

Art History I am pleased that we are able to meet in person again and look forward to discovering some more great art. Take a look at the image on the left and you will see a portrait of the artist’s mother completed in 1871.  However, the official title of the piece is ‘Arrangement in … Read more

Art History – February 2022

The programme this year will use DVDs from the BBC series ‘The Private Life of a Masterpiece’ as well as contributions from the group on an agreed theme.Our ‘Masterpiece’ for February is ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ which is a woodblock print by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. It was published sometime between 1829 and … Read more

Art History – August 2021

In July, our Zoom meeting looked at ‘Still Life’ paintings but with the challenge to avoid those with apples and oranges!  One again we had a fantastic selection of art works dating from 1648 to 2000’s and not an apple in sight! I chose a work called Pottery by Patrick Caulfield painted in oil on … Read more

Art History – July 2021

Our Zoom meeting in June focused on the theme of ‘Famous Places’ with art works chosen by members of the group.  We discovered that many famous places were also our favourite places.  The area around Westminster was popular, with works by Canaletto and Monet and a quirky watercolour of a wonky Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) … Read more

Jan van Eyck - Arnolfini portrait

Art History – June 2021

Our topic for the Zoom meeting in May was ‘Portraits’.  Once again there was a good response and we were able to explore ten contributions from members of the group.  These included works by Gainsborough, Hockney, Kahlo and Vermeer. The National Gallery recently revealed the top 20 paintings that were viewed online throughout lockdown.  At … Read more

Camille Pissarro, Plum Trees in Blossom, 1894

Art History – May 2021

Art History On Easter Monday, with snow flurries outside, 13 members of the group settled into a Zoom meeting looking at paintings of ‘Gardens’.  We soon became engrossed in the work of a variety of artists from the late 19th and early 20th century including, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Klimt and Sorolla.  After a short break, … Read more

Art History – April 2021

The theme for our Zoom meeting in March was ‘Night Paintings’ and once again the group found a variety of paintings to share.  Some artworks used the quality of dim light to create a mysterious atmosphere, while others used the moon or an artificial light source to illuminate the scene.  The use of wet pavements … Read more