Book Club – December 2020

Our book club is tottering along via e-mail and nice chats with members and we all hope we can be together again in  2021. Our October book didn’t really appeal to many of us although two people who have visited Jordan liked it better than those of us who haven’t. It was called “The Language of Baklava” by Abu Jaber and is a  memoir of her life and it is interspersed with recipes of her favourite foods. I didn’t think it was particularly well-written and sadly it was one of very few books that I didn’t finish.

Wintry nights are providing ample time for reading and we have two very good titles recommended for November and December which should let us escape the cold and wet between the pages.

There has been some fun correspondence in  the newspaper about those of us who are trying to dispel the gloom by putting up decorations very early and those who will continue with usual habits, perhaps December 1st. I am wavering between the two sides but have put a Christmassy/autumnal pot in my porch. Maybe I will give in and deck the halls quite soon. May I wish your readers a Happy Christmas and  healthy New Year.

Ronnie Leech