Including election results and the new committee.

This was sent to members without email connections.

Dear HWu3a Member,
At last, it seems like Spring is on its way and for most of us, Covid has been and gone! We like to keep in touch with all our members and share the latest news is in regard of the Special meeting, held on Monday 11th April. The purpose of this meeting was to elect a new committee. As well as the people there who were entitled to vote (76) other members had voted online via the internet. (334)

This is the new look committee:-

Helen Salisbury, Chair. 07837 410575
Dave Martin, Secretary. 01858 440530
Andrew West, Treasurer 07732 511572
Ian Webb, Vice Chair and Membership Secretary. 01858 440851
Louise Elsome Group Coordinator. 07740 572956
Jack Horton, Publicity. 07511 749462
Kate Helm, Marketing and STARS Coordinator 07817 735784
Stuart Irons, Premises Coordinator Tel: 01858 465287
Liz Brett, New Members 07907 631529
Linda Reed, Shadowing role.

The next ordinary meeting will be on Monday May 9th,
10:30 in the Methodist Church, Northampton Road.

Forthcoming meetings

Mon 9th May: ‘The Life and Rhymes of John Betjeman’ – Mark Temple
Mon 13th June: ‘A Day Above The Canaries’ – John Nowell
Mon 11th July: ‘Wildlife in Sherwood Forest’ – Barbara Meyer

Our meeting place – The Methodist Church

We would also like to remind you that there will be NO Get Together meeting on April 25th.
Instead there will be an open day for the General Public and New Members.

The April Newsletter is available in MH library and also Quinns Bookshop. If you are able to access it, there are several extra articles to read in the ‘online’ version here.