Fit for the Future – A consultation on a new u3a Council.

National u3a is considering the establishment of a new u3a council. This is to let you know about a YouTube presentation that you might wish to view.

The current situation at the u3a is that the Board is made up of u3a members from across the movement who volunteer their time. They have been elected by the u3a membership to guide the governance and direction of the movement. However, there have been a number of issues, particularly as it was felt by most local u3a’s that the Board no longer reflects their views and interests. Therefore, the Board members have been exploring how to ensure the views of members are better represented in the governance of u3a. Since early 2022, the Trust Board has been considering changes that would give u3as more of a voice and would let us spend more time on issues that directly affect u3as and networks. As there is now much more regulation around charities, we also want to make sure that the Board can deal with such matters more effectively.

This new structure consists of a smaller Board, focused on governance and finance only, again consisting of elected u3a members and a new “u3a Council” where elected representatives highlight and resolve issues that u3as want to be addressed. A pilot is currently running.

However, there are still several issues that need to be resolved regarding the relationship between the Board and the Council, such as if there is a disagreement
who will have the final say?

There is a YouTube Presentation on the Fit for the Future consultation by Allan Walmsley u3a Vice Chair, which is worth viewing by members as we will be discussing this matter at the next Committee Meeting as we need to send in the views of the HWu3a by the end of April.
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Here is a link to the Fit for the Future Presentation.

Ian Webb