How to set up a new activity group

Become a group leader / organiser

Our Group Leaders / Organisers are ordinary members of the HWU3A who have volunteered – yes, volunteered! – to co-ordinate and/or lead the various groups. We are very fortunate in having such a willing band of members who are happy to act in this capacity. Why not become one of them? We are always on the lookout for new leaders and members who have some organisational and administrative skills, so if you have a particular hobby, talent or capability then do please talk to us.

Create a new group

Perhaps your favourite hobby or activity is not already catered for? Maybe the group you’d like to attend is rather full? Then do please consider starting up a new group yourself. This could be a totally new interest group or an additional group taking on members wishing to join an already established, but over-subscribed, group. We strongly encourage the formation of new activity groups and we are here to help in any way we can, from publicising any proposed new group to helping find somewhere for you to meet.

Find a venue

If your group needs a place to meet other than a member’s home, our Groups Enabler and / or Premises and Accessibility Officer will be able to help.

It really is not as difficult as you might think so do please contact our Group Enabler to get things started.