In case you missed it – June talk

Attendees at the June talk were treated to not one, but two speakers. Both members of the HWu3a, Sheila Caberwal and Bob Morris took two very different themes for their talks.

Sheila shared a fascinating story about a painting she discovered at a bric a brac sale in Little Bowden. Her role in the account was pivotal as she not only discovered the painting and offered £3 for it but she then went to great lengths to prove its authenticity and tried to discover its origins. As her investigation progressed, Sheila became quite famous – appearing on Wikipedia among other world wide websites.
Maybe the strangest thing was after all this effort and proving beyond doubt that three sketches she had discovered, were indeed the work of Sydney Arrobus, (Several examples of his work can be found in the National Portrait Gallery); after all this, when they went to auction at Kelmarsh Hall, no-one was prepared to meet the £50 reserve price.
Sheila’s talk was very well illustrated with photos of the sketches, newspaper articles and a clip from a national TV programme. (Sheila’s Fiona Bruce moment, as she referred to it!)
Unfortunately, my photos of Sheila and Bob, do not do them justice.

Bob chose a topic that I had not given much thought to previously but as he gave us various examples to consider and comment upon, it became very obvious that music does very much contribute to the mood and effectiveness of a film scene.
Some of the clips that Bob showed had the original music, then no music and possibly some ‘inappropriate’ music. These variations were noted by the audience and a healthy debate followed each film clip as Bob gave the audience the chance to comment.
The final clip really fooled me. A scene from Pyscho, one of the scariest films ever in my opinion, was totally transformed when the accompanying music was quite light hearted. It seemed familiar but totally wrong!
Thanks Bob. Thanks Sheila.

Dave M.