It stands for Tools With A Mission. They collect unwanted and surplus tools, refurbish them if needed, and send them to various African countries to help people to become self-supporting using craft skills. They need people to donate tools and volunteers to collect the tools and get them to their new Midlands Refurbishment Centre. Read … Read more

Your opportunity to help take HWu3a forwards

Why should I volunteer?  Here are the views of several of the current Steering Group trustees ‘Being a member of a u3a Committee has given me a much broader understanding of the u3a ethos and how it can be implemented within HWu3a. In my role as Group Coordinator, I enjoy working with the different groups … Read more

Membership Secrertary

There is nothing that raises the stress levels of an old Membership Secretary more than having to issue regular reminders to members to pay their subscriptions. Unfortunately, there are still approximately 70 members who are still causing this anxiety to me and I must remind them that they have only two more weeks in which to pay, otherwise their membership will automatically cease. This would be … Read more

Thank you

Getting HWu3a up and running by your steering group has been a huge task behind the scenes and I should like to take this opportunity to thank those members involved: Stella Freeman, Dave Martin, Eileen Robinson, Ian Webb, Louise Elsome, Kate Helm, Stuart Irons, Jack Horton, Elizabeth New, Liz Brett and Fiona Barnaby.  Their time … Read more

Juke Box Jury

To read about what sounds like it could be a fun filled session, click here. A volunteer might like to set this up with host Roger Prescott, maybe near the April HWu3a launch event. If you are interested in organising this please contact us  on .

Launch of the Harborough Welland u3a

The launch of Harborough Welland u3a on Tuesday 4th January is an exciting new beginning.  It presents new challenges.  It needs to keep recruiting members with new skills and ideas to continue to take it forward.  We will be looking for a large pool of volunteers that we can call on to help with monthly events, … Read more

A Reader’s Comments

Maggie Paylor, who joined earlier in 2021 has contributed these comments and her hopes for the new HWu3a.