Speaker Coordinator

In March popular speaker Bruce White reflected on the birds that he’d seen while on his U.K. travels during Autumn and Winter. He showed us a number of slides of some great photos of both common and more unusual birds for us all to look out for.

This month we welcome speaker Geoff Harris with his talk on ‘The London that No-one Tells You About’. Geoff is an experienced speaker with over 40 years in the entertainment and hospitality business. His talk promises to be fast-paced and amusing. It will shed a light on some of the lesser-known facts about London, it’s laws and strange inhabitants.

Looking forward to May, we welcome back Mark Temple who last year spoke to us about ‘Stoneywell and The Gimsons’. This time, his talk is on ‘The Life and Rhymes of John Betjeman’.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Methodist church venue on Monday 11th April.

Liz Brett
Speaker Coordinator