Spectacular textile art at Lichfield Cathedral – creating the world with eight million stitches!

‘Threads through Creation’ is an astonishing textile art exhibition showing at Lichfield Cathedral from 17th April to 2nd June.  It might be a bit of a trek for some, but it’s probably right up their street for many u3a people – a real treat for anyone interested in the applied arts, textile art and sewing.  

The show is touring twenty cathedrals.  We’ve had a lot of very positive feedback from u3a groups all over the country.  It consists of twelve beautiful silk panels re-imagining the story of creation from the bible. They’re huge – nearly 3m high.  It’s one of the largest textile art projects by a single artist, ever.   It took artist Jacqui Parkinson three years – and eight million stitches! You’ll find the huge scale, vibrant colours, dramatic and complex designs truly breathtaking. You’ve never seen anything like it …


Admission free (donations welcome)