Launch of the Harborough Welland u3a

The launch of Harborough Welland u3a on Tuesday 4th January is an exciting new beginning.  It presents new challenges.  It needs to keep recruiting members with new skills and ideas to continue to take it forward.  We will be looking for a large pool of volunteers that we can call on to help with monthly events, regular tasks, such as keeping the website up to date, the newsletter produced and dipping our toes in social media, as well as helping with one off events, eg u3a day  and the Volunteer Fair, both in September.  The strap line ‘By the members, for the members’ will be at the forefront of all we do.

The Beacon membership database for HWu3a has been created.  Details of all members from SLu3a and MHu3a have been transferred and you will be a member of HWu3a unless you contact us to say you do not want to join.  If that is the case, please email the Membership Secretary: or call: 01858 440851. 

You can now join groups.  Please contact group leaders by email or phone to put your name down for the HWu3a groups that you wish to join.  They will then be able to start group lists and waiting lists, if appropriate.

Subscriptions for 2022 will be £5 per member for all categories.  However, we cannot say definitely when we will be able to take payments.  This will not prevent you joining HWu3a groups.  We are in the process of opening a new bank account but this is proving slow as many staff are working from home and there are several bank holidays at this time of the year. We will email again once we have a definite date, together with details of how to pay. 

HWu3a will have two monthly meetings, both at the pleasant surroundings of the Methodist Church on Northampton Road.   There is plenty of parking nearby and the bus station is opposite.   Come and check it out.   The general meeting with speaker will be on the second Monday of each month.  The first one will be on Monday 10th January starting at 10.30 am (come early for refreshments) with renowned local speaker, Caroline Roberts, talking to us on the topic ‘Follow Me Please!’ – the rewards and perils of being a Blue Badge Tourist Guide.   You are also invited to join us at 10.30 am on the fourth Monday for the Harborough Welland Get Together.  This will be a chance to meet with other members over coffee and see which groups are showcasing their activities and recruiting.  These meetings would be good time to put your own ideas forward and raise the possibility of new groups.  New members are particularly welcome at these relaxed sessions.

So, for now, relax and enjoy your New Year celebrations and make your resolution to enter into this new age with a spirit of adventure.

The people that will make this u3a a success are you, the members, and we are looking forward to learning, laughing and living with you all.

Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes

Helen Salisbury

Chair, Steering Group